Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The begining

This term at university i am taking a module called Creative Collaboration, in which a group of 4 of us have to devise a 30-40minute performance on anything we want. The title of our piece is called 'Numbers...' It is a physical exploration of sex, gender, status and sexuality we will explore these themes by use of the body and the space around it, challenging not only the performers but the audience’s perception.. Our company is called 'Amae' it has a number of meanings it is Japanese for the feeling of love for someone who cares for you, the object of passion or indulgent dependancy. As a company we felt this was the right name as we have come together through our passion for theatre, and we are dependant on each other as we use personal stories and feelings within our work; therefore we are passionaltly dependant on theatre to enable us to channel ourselves and our feelings onto stage. We have had around 10 weeks to devise this piece of work and have been rehearsing hard. We have less than 2 weeks till the first performance and the pressure is on! Tonight we our reheasing from 7 till late and we will be trying to put the whole performance together as at the moment it is still fragmented into sections.

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