Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The one that ended at 2am!

Last nights rehearsal was an extremly crucial one. We wrote out our structure so we knew which sections had gaps where the piece didn't flow together. We then thought back to our personal stories that are within the piece. For me it is about how everytime i find a connection with a guy they always have a reason not to be with me, there has been one exception which proves the rule. Throughout the piece i relate to the feeling i have with my story, so when we came to the links that were needed we all went back to our personal journies that we go on through the piece. For one part i sit by my brick pillar and chalk up my tally of my number. Each tally represents a man. I then go through this tally and rub out the ones i only selpt with cause i felt that was what i was supposed to do, then the ones that i wanted to but didn't have any real connection with other than just sex. I found that i was left with 2. This has been something that we have talked a lot about within our group as 3 of us feel we have had this experience and don't know why we do it. This then links with another section of the piece where Ewart bangs himself into his pillar and i slap mine. We are fustrated with ourselves because we think it is a good idea and then we don't always feel great after. We ended up rehearsing till 2am. It was a long but emotional rehearsal and we all came away excited and pleased with what we have created. So now it is time to polish the show to make it run perfectly!

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